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Child custody lawyers at Reade Law Firm, PC serve Essex and Middlesex County, MA and surrounding areas. Our dedicated divorce attorneys, assist clients in understanding child custody and support rights and resolving their disputes in these areas.

Child custody and support are the most emotionally charged aspects of divorce. Our custody support lawyers understand what you may be going through at this time in your life, and help you to start fresh. Legal debates over custody of children and financial support of them are very challenging to cope with, and can affect the children involved.

Accessible and Dedicated

Our strategy is learning your unique story and ensuring that the judge identify with you. We establish your case and lead you through the process, explaining how we can attain your ultimate goals.

At Reade Law Firm, PC we work directly with our clients because we know by experience that the more information we have, the stronger our cases will be. Our custody lawyers are successful child custody litigators.

In child custody litigation, a legal custody award is the ability to make legal decision for your child while a physical custody award is the responsibility of daily parenting and care. Courts review all factors related to each custody type before making decisions and judges may grant joint custody, sole custody or a parenting plan that provides custody to both parents.

Reade Law Firm, PC will go after a settlement in your family’s best interest, or we will take your case to court to achieve your custody goals.

Experienced Family Law Practice

Family law governs divorce and separation, support, dividing assets and other aspects of family life, including same sex parents. In addition to custody and support litigation, we specialize in family law. We are assertive in helping you settle property matters or in working out the details of your alimony.

Reade Law Firm, PC offers a free consult. Please contact our office today to start moving forward in your new life.

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