In Massachusetts, marital property and debt is divided equitably, and all property is subject to division, regardless of when or where the property was acquired.  How your property will be divided depends upon many facts that are to be considered by the Court.  It is important to have an experienced attorney to protect the rights and assets you are entitled to, and to secure your financial future.  We look for creative solutions for property division and have successfully negotiated the division of property and debts in manners favorably to our clients.

Property that is subject to division may include:

  • 401k and other retirement accounts
  • Real Estate
  • Business interest and business valuation
  • Bank accounts
  • Vehicles, boats and recreational vehicles
  • Inheritance
  • High net worth assets

Property division issues are complex and often require the expertise of financial specialists, including appraisers, business valuators, and forensic accountants.  We utilize the specialists necessary to make sure the property division is fair and that all assets are valued correctly.

Alimony and property division go hand in hand.  Frequently the amount and duration of alimony are negotiated along with the property division issues.  These are complex areas of the law that require experienced counsel.

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