The attorneys at Reade Law Firm, PC are experienced in the procedural and evidentiary issues necessary to help domestic violence victims obtain restraining orders, and to defend those accused of domestic abuse in restraining order hearings.  We have successfully handled these cases on both sides of these sensitive issues.

There are two types of restraining orders in Massachusetts.  An Abuse Prevention Order, known as a 209A order, is a court order that provides protection from physical or sexual harm cased by force or threat of harm from a family or household member.  These protective orders are important to protect the safety of abuse victims, and can include children how have been abused, or have seen or heard the abuse between their parents.  These orders can be powerful to assist abuse victims, but they can also be abused in order to create the false assumption that the defendant is abusive.  In either case, the victim must be protected.

The second type of restraining order is a Harassment Prevention Order, known as a 258E, and protects from abuse, harassment, or intimidation between non-family members.  These are often utilized in neighbor disputes, but can be used between any two people when one is experiencing harassment.

Protecting the Abused

If you are a victim of domestic violence, your safety is our primary concern.  We will help you obtain a restraining order against your abuser.  There are different types of protective orders available depending on your situation. Additionally, there are numerous community resources to assist victims.  Contact our experienced attorney attorneys to learn more about your options.

Defending the Accused

Restraining orders can be easy to obtain, but difficult to defend.  In the divorce and child custody context, for example, a spouse may try to obtain a restraining in an effort to enhance his or her position in the divorce case through allegations of abuse against the other spouse or parent.  It is very important that a person who has a restraining order against them defend it vigorously, and understand the precise terms of the order so as not to violate the order, and minimize the possibility that it will be extended.

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