The right of qualified same-sex couples to obtain a marriage license became legal in Massachusetts on May 17, 2004.  This means that same-sex couples also have the right to get divorced.  The divorce process is largely the same as for heterosexual couples, with the same heightened emotions and stress, but there are also many differences.

Many aspects of divorce as applied to heterosexual couples are the same as homosexual couples, including:

  • Child custody, visitation and support
  • Property division
  • Alimony

With same-sex divorces there are special consideration that to not apply to heterosexual divorce.  The laws with regard to same sex marriages are quickly changing with the Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act and upholding same sex couple’s right to get married across the United States.

Additionally, if a couples lives in another state that does not yet recognize same-sex marriages and a divorce is desired, the law becomes complicated as to whether Massachusetts has the power to enter a divorce judgment.  These cases are very factual dependent and involve an in depth, case-by-case analysis.  At Reade Law Firm, PC, we can help you through these complicated issues.

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