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You’re divorced! Now what?

After the emotional, and often expense, experience of going through a divorce, the Judge's gavel has dropped and the marriage is over. Now what happens? First, make sure you actually divorced. There are many procedural and internal matters that must occur before a...

Who can Claim the Dependent Child Exemption?

It is sometimes argued that the parent paying child support should be able to claim the Dependant Child Exemption. According to the 1985 Deficit Reduction Act, as amended by Regulation in July of 2008, the parent with whom their child under the age of 19 resides for...

Using a Parent Coordinator

Do I need a parent coordinator? When representing clients in family related matters, often the most difficult issue is child custody. In many situations, the issues that caused the marriage to break down in the first place related to disagreements around parenting,...

Summer Parenting

During summer school break, the questions of "what do to with the kids" is often a more difficult challenge with divorced or separated parents. There are several issues that arise with issues of both the parenting schedule as well as legal custody that should be...

Rental Properties and Divorce

Rental properties are often considered a good long-term investment with potential for income each month from the tenants. However, during a Massachusetts divorce process, rental income can present problems. This is because the properties are assets that must be...

Relocating With Children After Divorce

People are much more mobile today than they were just a few years ago. This frequently creates a situation post-divorce where the parent who is the primary caretaker of the children, or who has "physical custody," needs to relocate due to job opportunities,...