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Personality traits that could undermine a marriage

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News

Certain personality traits could eventually erode happiness between spouses in Massachusetts and result in divorce. This is especially likely when a spouse fails to address their bad habits or recognize the needs of their partner. According to psychologists, some of the most damaging personality traits include materialism, fragile egos, narcissism and selfishness.

Research indicates that people with an excessive focus on material possessions have a harder time maintaining marriages. Their tendency to judge everything in financial and material terms reduces their ability for emotional connection. For people with fragile egos, their deep insecurities demand emotional support from their partners. If a spouse reduces the attention given to a person with a fragile ego, that person might look to other people to satisfy cravings for attention.

Marriages to narcissists could unravel because one spouse always assumes the role of victim. Narcissists deny their contributions to marital problems and blame their partners for everything. Although selfishness might not go as far as narcissism, the trait could still prove too much for another spouse to endure.

A person thinking about ending a relationship might want the insights of an attorney to prepare for the financial consequences of the split. An attorney could explain how property division might require actions like selling real estate, splitting retirement accounts and placing a value on business assets. If children are present, an attorney could help the person navigate issues surrounding child custody. During negotiations for the divorce settlement, the assistance of an attorney might keep a person informed of rights. If disputes erupt over children and money, then an attorney could strive to broker compromises or file court petitions to defend the person’s position.