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How does attractiveness affect divorce risk?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News

When Massachusetts residents get married, divorce is not one of the concerns on their minds. However, according to some studies, if one person in the relationship is significantly more attractive than the other, the risk of divorce might be higher for that couple than for couples that are matched in attractiveness.

The studies focusing on this fact have provided a variety of explanations for the higher risk of a divorce. One study proposes that the risk increases because the more attractive person in the relationship is less committed and ends up flirting with others. Meanwhile, another study offers the opposite reason and finds that the issue does not lie with the better-looking person. Instead, the less attractive person might be more prone to jealousy while the other spouse remains committed to the relationship.

Interestingly, research also shows that other variables influence the risk of divorce when one person is more attractive than the other. When the people involved have been friends for a long time before beginning the relationship, attractiveness is less important to the success of the relationship. A researcher also found that men who had married women who were significantly more attractive were happier in their relationships and more attentive and helpful to their wives. In general, it seems most people are aware of how attractive they are and choose romantic partners who are similarly attractive.

Whether due to issues over attractiveness or other things, people who find themselves having to decide whether to pursue a divorce might find it helpful to consult a lawyer with family law experience. A lawyer may be able to explain the options available to them and help them plan for the process.