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Why hiring a divorce attorney may save you in the long run

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Firm News

Getting divorced is painful emotionally, mentally and financially. The splitting up of a joined life into two separate but equal parts can drain a person, especially if trying to do it alone.

When considering divorce, hiring an attorney may seem like an expense you cannot justify, but in the long run, that money spent upfront can help you retain more assets and rights.

Familiarity with the court process

When it comes to dealing with legal documents, you may believe you can learn the ins and outs, but once you dive in, you may regret it. The legal system is tightly wrapped around procedures, timelines, and specific legal terms and documents. If you try and go through divorce alone, you run the risk of missing something important along the way.

Preparing paperwork

As soon as the divorce process starts, either by you or your soon-to-be ex, you will notice the mountain of paperwork. Reading and interpreting those documents is intimidating, even for the most educated individual. Some documents contain certain terms or legalese that can often prove difficult to interpret. There are also specific forms and responses that need preparation and filing with the court. Without an attorney, these can get overwhelming quickly.

Emotional stability

Emotions run high during the divorce process. Whether you accept your situation or not, you will make decisions based on your current emotional state, and the outcome is not always good. Having an attorney to exert a neutralizing force on you and the situation as a whole can garner better results than attempting it with rash decision-making.

Reaching a compromise

It may prove difficult to compromise on any issue with a former spouse during divorce, especially the big things such as child custody and financial division. Having an attorney can help you realize the benefit of reaching compromises. Instead of being stubborn, an attorney can make you put things in perspective and even give you scenarios you never thought about.

It may seem like a financial sacrifice, but hiring an attorney during divorce is quite essential. Having an experienced advocate can help you keep your cool and get your side of the story heard.