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Avoid these 4 social media posts during your divorce

When you are with your friends or family members, snapping a photograph to upload to social media can be tempting. After all, social media platforms provide an effective way to keep in touch with both loved ones and strangers. 

Social media seems to be everywhere these days. In fact, according to estimates, roughly 80% of Americans use some type of social media to document their everyday lives. While there is nothing inherently wrong with using social media, you must understand how your posts may affect your divorce. Here are four social media posts you should avoid: 

1. Disparaging comments 

Even though social media is part of the public domain, posting to your account can seem both trivial and personal. You should not, though, use your social media as a way to gripe about your partner. Put simply, if you do not want your spouse’s attorney to use your posts against you, it is better to be discreet on social media. 

2. Extravagant spending 

You may want your soon-to-be ex-spouse to pay spousal support. Alternatively, you may want to pay as little in alimony as possible. Either way, showing off extravagant spending, such as luxury cars or exotic trips, may harm your position. 

3. The children 

Whether you agree with your spouse’s parenting style, children have a way of becoming pawns in some divorces. Never use social media posts about your children to hurt your partner. Also, if you plan to pursue custody, avoid posting anything that makes you look like an unideal parent. 

4. Romantic pursuits 

You may be ready to move on with your life. Before you finalize your divorce, though, skip posting content about your romantic pursuits. Also, be careful with any dating profiles you create. Just like with disparaging comments, your dating profile may become part of the official court record. 

You probably do not have to deactivate your social media accounts during your divorce. You should, however, be careful with what you broadcast to the world. By avoiding certain social media posts, you likely minimize divorce complications.

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