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Can a marriage survive infidelity?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2019 | Divorce

All marriages have their ups and downs. However, infidelity is often hard for marriages to bounce back from. Cheating behavior destroys the trust between couples, and unless both parties work toward rebuilding this trust it’s likely that the union will ultimately end in divorce. Very Well Mind explains what couples must do if they hope to survive infidelity, as well as when it’s time to end a marriage.

First, both parties must be prepared for a wide range of emotions that usually occur after marital infidelity. This obviously includes anger and resentment. The person who was cheated on is bound to feel betrayed, and these feelings of betrayal can quickly develop into anger towards their spouse. A person may also experience disappointment. For instance, if you believed that your spouse was not the type to stray, learning the opposite can be very disheartening. Hurt, jealousy, and guilt are also quite common.

If you do choose to work through these emotions, keep in mind the road ahead will not be easy. For example, it often takes quite a bit of time for a person to heal from infidelity. Additionally, both spouses must take responsibility for any issues that led up to the incident. While you can’t necessarily blame cheating on your spouse, when there are problems in a marriage it’s likely for two people to grow apart. This is often when infidelity occurs.

Finally, there are some situations that can’t be overcome. Most couples who overcome infidelity deal with a single episode and move on from there. In situations where cheating is repeated again and again, there is no real opportunity for trust to be rebuilt. When cheating is combined with other issues, such as domestic abuse, it’s best that couples separate.