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What is collaboration and mediation?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Divorce

Just like there are multiple ways to get married and celebrate a wedding, there are also a multitude of options when it comes to divorce. While you may think that a trial divorce is the only option, this is not true.

Depending on the relationship between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse, there are plenty of ways to go through the divorce process. Some divorces may require multiple judges and lawyers, and others more or less write themselves. According to Forbes Magazine, in addition to trial divorces you may also choose a collaborative or a mediated divorce.

What is a mediated divorce?

For divorces that are extremely amicable, a mediated divorce is usually the cheapest way to go. Mediated divorces do not necessarily need lawyers. Rather, a third-party mediator helps both parties through the paperwork and ensures the outcome is satisfactory for all parties. Mediated divorces are best for couples that are leaving each other on very good terms.

Typically, if there is a lawyer involved in a mediated divorce, both parties will share the same lawyer in order to increase the expediency of the process and lower the cost.

What is a collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce is very similar to a mediated divorce, only collaborative divorces do involve a little more lawyer work. In a collaborative divorce both parties have their own separate lawyer and they all (both parties and their lawyers) meet together in order to agree on aspects of the divorce.

Collaborative divorces are a great choice for those who believe that they will be able to make compromises with their ex-spouse, but would like some additional professional guidance and structure.