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How to ensure the money you paid for child support gets counted

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Child Support

People are often concerned about whether they pay child support and how much they end up paying. What not enough parents focus on is how to go about paying it. Because of this, non-custodial parents might give the custodial parent cash for years, only to discover that they are behind on child support.

If they do not have proof of making these payments and the ex refuses to acknowledge the payments, this can lead to problems. This is why it is important to know what payment options the state gets notified of and accepts.


Massachusetts’s state website recommends making payments online. There is an easy registration process to either make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments. Online payments might be ideal if you prefer to reduce communication with an ex. Recurring payments work well for people who might forget.


Not everyone likes the idea of submitting information online or they might not have access to the internet. In these instances, calling in is another easy option. Payers can call 800-332-2733. Parents in Greater Boston might also try 617-660-1234. However, note that there is a small fee for paying via this method.


Payment stubs play an important role in obtaining credit for mailed checks. When the court orders parents to make payments by income withholding but the employer does not immediately begin to withhold payments, this is one way to help ensure they do no fall behind on payments.


Many people also find it easier to send money via any of the many MoneyGram locations in America. This also comes in handy for people overseas as there are international locations. People who choose this method might need to have the pin found on the bill to ensure the money goes to the right case.

The state discourages people from paying in cash by any means other than Moneygram as they might not receive credit. It also recommends keeping receipts. Finally, note the billing cycle. The Massachusetts state website reminds parents that while some court orders require payments once per month, others require payments every week.