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The right mindset for child custody mediation in Massachusetts

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Child Custody

Like most aspects of divorce, you have multiple options. Fight about it or talk about it and reach an agreement. While Massachusetts judges will decide things for you if they have to, they would rather you and your spouse work it out yourselves. As long as your agreement seems reasonable to the judge, they merely have to sign it off.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Using mediation to settle child custody can be beneficial for you, your spouse and your children. Mediation can save time and money and allows you and your spouse to decide your children’s future, rather than leaving it to a judge. If you wish to use mediation, it is vital to be in the right frame of mind before doing so.

Here are some benefits to keep in mind when deciding if mediation is right for you:

  • Put your children first: You may have your preferences, as may your spouse, but the important thing is to find the best solution for your child.
  • Put personal feelings aside: This can be easier said than done. Your spouse may have been a lousy partner, but that does not mean they are a poor parent.
  • Be realistic: Raising a child is a tough job. By sharing that responsibility, you make it easier for yourself as well as better for your child. If you have a career that does not allow you to have the kids during the week, say so.
  • Be positive: If you enter the meeting assuming you will not be able to agree, you probably won’t. Go in with the attitude that you are going to reach an agreement.

Seek legal help to understand more about using mediation to create child custody agreements in Massachusetts.