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4 tips to successfully co-parent

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Divorce

If you and your former spouse parent coparent, you are among many other families that do the same. The Pew Research Center states that in the U.S., 32% of children lived with an unmarred parent.

Even though coparenting is a common experience, these arrangements still present daily challenges. If you recently got divorced, here are some tips that can enhance the success of your coparenting arrangement.

1. Commit to open communication

You can enhance the effectiveness of your coparenting relationship by communicating regularly with your former spouse. Determine how you will update your former partner about your children, whether this is through monthly in-person meetings or regular texting sessions.

2. Speak positively about your ex

After your divorce, it may be difficult to think and speak positively about your ex. Make it a rule to not criticize your parenting partner and tell your children to do the same.

3. Agree on behavioral guidelines

Switching between two households can be unsettling for young children, especially right after your divorce. Create a set of rules for discipline and behavior for your children that you and your ex have to follow at both households. For example, you and your former spouse may decide that your children have a specific bedtime at both houses.

4. Avoid giving into guilt

You may want to spoil your children and give into their desires when they spend time at your home. Do not feel like you have to only do fun things with your children. Continue to stick to your routine and normal activities when your children spend time with you.