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Questions your young child may have about divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Divorce

If you have small children, you will be accustomed to answering all sorts of questions on all kinds of topics. When it comes to your divorce, expect plenty. Asking questions is how kids make sense of the world around them and how they learn.

Mediation is a quicker and less conflictive way to settle a divorce. It frees parents to spend more time helping their children understand what is happening.

Here are some questions your young child might ask:

  • Will you still be my mommy/ daddy? While it may seem a shocking question, it shows the level of confusion a young child may feel about divorce. It can be especially tricky if one of you is a stepparent.
  • How long are you getting divorced for? Forever is quite an abstract concept. Children may hope or assume that things will return to “normal” soon.
  • Will I still see my friends? Consider this before you decide to move areas or schools. Good friends can be hard to come by. Being the new kid in class will be an extra burden on top of everything else.
  • Is it because mommy likes Sophie’s dad? If there are other romantic interests involved in your divorce, do not be surprised if your child has noticed. Think carefully about how you respond. Avoid blaming anyone and avoid lying. It is best if you and your spouse answer consistently.
  • Is it because I broke the goldfish bowl? Most kids will assume they were, in some way, responsible for your divorce. While you may wonder what a goldfish bowl has to do with your marriage, the child will remember that when they broke it, your spouse cut their toe on the glass and shouted at you, which led to an argument.

You will likely have many questions yourself about how mediation works. An experienced divorce mediation attorney can help you understand more.