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Badmouthing has no place in raising children

Divorces are often very contentious and emotional times. This can make it difficult for parents who share children to co-parent, especially in the early days. It’s imperative to remember that getting off to a positive start with your co-parenting can help both you as...

What expenses can child support cover?

Most parents who receive child support on their child's behalf are well aware of some of the basic expenses that it's intended to cover. These include housing, food and clothing. They can also use child support for other costs associated with child rearing, such as...

What is different about a gray divorce?

Gray divorce is a term used to refer to divorce among couples in their 50s or older. Although you may feel young, if you are closer to the end of your career than the beginning, it pays to consider a few particular points. The crucial financial issue in a gray divorce...