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3 tips for making divorce mediation easier to handle

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2021 | Mediation

Mediation is one way that you can overcome obstacles in your divorce that could lead to litigation. During this process, you and your ex will work with an impartial third party who helps to ensure that your discussions remain on track. While this is usually a much better option than a divorce trial, it’s one that still requires work on your part.

Taking steps to make mediation easier can help the process to move forward efficiently. Here are three good tips that can help:

1. Put your emotions in check.

The mediation sessions aren’t the time to re-hash what got you to a divorce in the first place. Unless something directly impacts the decisions at hand, it’s best to just avoid discussing emotional matters during mediation entirely.

2. Have your goals in mind.

Thinking about the matters that need to be decided before you go into the session is a good idea. This gives you time to think logically about the options that you have — and what outcome you’d prefer. It also gives you a chance to determine good starting points for your negotiations and mentally separate your “must-haves” from your wants. 

3. Strive for flexibility.

Mediation is only going to work if both parties remain open to compromise. Neither party is likely to get 100% of what they want, so remembering your goal to have your marriage end as quickly as possible — without litigation — may be beneficial. It can help you make informed choices about what is (and is not) worth a battle.

Your attorney can help you to learn your options for divorce matters. Be sure that you consider the short-term and long-term consequences of each decision you make so that you can make ones that are truly in your best interests.