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How do living accommodations impact a parent’s child custody rights?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2021 | Child Custody

Family law judges have one primary responsibility when rendering decisions in child custody cases. They must make choices that they believe are in the best interests of the children.

The type of living accommodations that a parent has can greatly impact custody decisions that the court makes. You may find it helpful to learn the factors that the court will weigh if it decides custody arrangements in your case.

Your kids’ ages

The age and gender of your kids will affect the type of living quarters a court may find acceptable for them. Judges presiding over family law cases will generally expect children to have their own room or bathroom or at the very least a private place to get dressed. The court is likely to expect you to provide your teen with more privacy than they would a younger child.

How many kids you have

Family law judges are likely to consider how many kids a parent has when weighing which living arrangements are appropriate for them. The court may be much more understanding of kids needing to share rooms or bathrooms when you have more than one child. A parent’s financial circumstances will also play a role in helping a judge determine whether shared bedrooms or bathrooms are appropriate.

Your kids’ temperaments

The court is likely to want to know more about your kids’ temperament when determining what custody arrangement works best for them. The judge will want to gain some perspective on how likely it is for your child to adjust to varying circumstances. The court may inquire about crime numbers in the neighborhood and other individuals residing or visiting the home in rendering a decision.

Petitioning the court for greater custody of your kids

Living arrangements are one of many factors family law judges consider when deciding whether to award you more custody with your child. An attorney can go over the other factors a family law judge is likely to inquire about so that you’ll be prepared for your upcoming child custody hearing.