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Can Massachusetts child support help pay for your kids’ college?

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Child Support

How much child support someone has to pay depends on the needs of the children in the family, the income of both parents and the standard of living previously. How long someone pays child support depends on numerous conditions, as well.

If there is a child with special needs in a family, someone who will never live on their own, they may require permanent child support. Most other child support orders will end when the recipient child turns 18 or finishes high school.

If your children will go to college after they get their diplomas, will Massachusetts child support help you handle college costs?

Massachusetts does allow for extended child support when necessary

College is incredibly expensive, and it also demands a lot of a student’s time. Most college students can not work full time while attending school. Some can not even balance studies with a part-time job. They will likely depend on the financial support of their parents for college costs and housing.

The parent receiving child support can potentially ask the courts to extend the order if their child will continue to claim the parent’s house as their primary residence while attending school as a dependent. The child support can continue until the child turns 23 in some cases.

Talking with your ex about your children’s college hopes can help you both decide how much support is necessary. If your ex is supportive, they may agree to split other costs in addition to paying child support, which will likely be far lower than the actual costs of your children’s college education.

Understanding how child support can help you fund higher education can make college more accessible to your kids even after a divorce.