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Mediation during divorce can help you keep matters private

| Aug 31, 2021 | Mediation

In recent years, mediation has become a popular divorce solution for a multitude of reasons. Choosing mediation instead of litigation can keep your costs low and help you maintain control over the exact outcome in your divorce. Mediation can also make shared custody easier because you get some practice communicating and cooperating with your ex. 

One of the most compelling benefits associated with mediation is often one that people overlook. Mediation helps keep things private in your divorce, as all proceedings and communication are confidential under Massachusetts state law. To paraphrase a popular advertising slogan, what you say in mediation stays in mediation. 

Divorce often requires that you explore unpleasant issues

Whether your ex has an anger issue or you have a gambling problem, embarrassing personal matters may play a direct role in the decline of your marriage and your upcoming divorce. Obtaining a fair outcome in a divorce often requires you to highlight marital misconduct, issues that affect your property or your parenting abilities. 

Doing so in open court could lead to many consequences, including people attending court to listen in on your most embarrassing secrets or requesting the transcripts, which become part of the public record in most divorces. 

You can negotiate a reasonable solution without damaging your reputation or your ex’s by addressing major concerns at mediation. Considering those factors can help you reach a settlement that allows for an uncontested divorce, provided that you both sign an agreement outlining those terms at the end of the mediation process. 

Considering divorce mediation as a viable conflict resolution option could help you end your marriage with less conflict and less stress.