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How much will it cost to divorce in Massachusetts?

| Oct 13, 2021 | Mediation

Divorce means a lot of major changes, including financial ones. It often takes people several years to fully bounce back from a divorce. Between the costs involved and the painful process of splitting their assets up with their ex, the financial fallout of divorce can last for years. 

Realizing how much divorce will likely cost can help you plan for your best possible future after leaving an unhappy marriage.

What is the average cost in Massachusetts? 

Contested divorce filings involve couples going through the courts to litigate issues like child custody and property division. The more issues the couple has and the more strongly they disagree on the details of their divorce, the more time it will take to settle and the more costs they’ll incur.

Overall, Massachusetts is one of the more expensive states for divorcing couples. Each spouse can expect to pay an average of more than $12,000 in court costs and other expenses. Couples hoping to spend less than that may need to keep their focus on the big picture during the early stages of their divorce.

Uncontested filings and mediation are often cheaper than litigation

An uncontested filing requires a minimal amount of court time, which can drastically reduce how much it costs you to end your marriage. Still, to file an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse have to agree on all of the details to dissolve your marital relationship. 

Mediation is a powerful tool to help couples resolve their disputes and file for uncontested divorces. Even though mediation will require that you pay for another professional’s time and services in addition to your attorneys, it could save you money if you successfully negotiate a settlement. 

Thinking about the costs and stresses involved in a Massachusetts divorce can help you potentially plan to minimize both when you file.