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Making an informed decision about divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Mediation

Recognizing that your marriage has come to an end can be a difficult realization to face. After this, you then have to endure the breakup and face your new post-divorce life. While this can be daunting, there are also many positive aspects. Divorce can be seen as an opportunity for a fresh start.

While there are several important issues to settle during divorce, these do not need to be tackled in an adversarial manner. Divorce mediation has become a popular choice for separating couples, and it may be the best choice for you.

It is important to debunk some of the more common myths and gain a more accurate understanding so that you can make a more informed decision about divorce mediation.

Mediation doesn’t mean giving up

Because divorce is often viewed as a winner takes all process, compromise can be viewed as a form of weakness. This could not be further from the truth and it is rare that one party gets everything they want in any divorce. Communication and compromise are actually key to getting what you want from your separation, and you and your partner may be able to agree on much more than you anticipated.

A collaborative approach can take much of the strain away and allow you to focus on the most important issues, such as child custody where relevant.

The court doesn’t always know best

While the courts in Massachusetts will attempt to divide property equitably and settle custody matters according to the best interests of the child, this doesn’t mean they will get things perfect. Nobody is more in touch with your own unique circumstances than you and your partner, and if you can cooperate, you can both obtain a better settlement.

Divorce can be tough but it doesn’t have to be a battle with your spouse. Obtaining as much knowledge as possible about your legal rights as a spouse will help you to obtain the most favorable outcome.