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Divorce registries can make your new life easier

On Behalf of | May 15, 2022 | Divorce

You may have had a gift registry for your wedding day that had everything you and your spouse ever wanted. This made it easy for your guests to find that perfect something that made your married life just that much better. You found yourself using your new kitchen knife set, pressure cooker or office chair from your registry daily and thanking the people who helped you get them.

You and your spouse are now considering a divorce. You may not know what possession you’ll be keeping afterward. Divorces can get messy when your spouse believes they should get more of the physical assets. This could cause you to consider creating a divorce registry. Here’s what you should know:

Divorce registries are like wedding registries — but made for your situation

Many people are starting to create “divorce registries,” ”fresh-start registries” or “newly single registries.” A divorce registry intends to help you get life back on track after your split. This may mean adding the essentials to help you land on your feet in a newly single life: Kitchen utensils, living room furniture, bed or office desk.

What makes a good registry isn’t just about what you include, but knowing who’s there for you after a divorce. Many people find themselves needing the emotional support of others after a divorce. A divorce registry gives people an option to show they are there for you after troubling times.

It may seem strange at first to make a list of everything you need after a divorce. You may come out of a divorce with less property than you went in with. You should know your options if your divorce looks like it’s going to be messy.