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Badmouthing has no place in raising children

Divorces are often very contentious and emotional times. This can make it difficult for parents who share children to co-parent, especially in the early days. It’s imperative to remember that getting off to a positive start with your co-parenting can help both you as...

The role of a parenting coordinator

Child custody cases can become inflicted with anger and stress. Going up against your ex-spouse to determine who gets the children cannot only take a toll on yourself but spiral down to your children.   So how do you keep away from the conflict the case can involve?...

How can you co-parent with a narcissist?

There are many things in life that a narcissist can make challenging. One of these is co-parenting. When you have a narcissist as your co-parent, you’ll quickly learn that there are some things that can make the situation easier and others that will make it worse. One...