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What is different about a gray divorce?

Gray divorce is a term used to refer to divorce among couples in their 50s or older. Although you may feel young, if you are closer to the end of your career than the beginning, it pays to consider a few particular points. The crucial financial issue in a gray divorce...

When can I challenge a prenuptial agreement?

The euphoria of love can sometimes cloud your judgment. You may do or agree to things you normally would not. Years later, when the sun has gone out of your marriage and you decide to divorce, you may question the wisdom of any prenuptial agreement you made....

The Law in Divorce Mediation

The Law in Divorce Mediation What are my rights? The is often the first question clients ask when faced with divorce or custody issue. The question is an important one, because it gets to the heart of every litigated divorce case: the law. People are seeking guidance...

What happens to my business if I divorce?

Perhaps you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse work together or co-own a business. Of particular interest is how your divorce can affect your share of marital assets. Separations involving business are usually complex and could make it challenging for you to protect both...

Questions your young child may have about divorce

If you have small children, you will be accustomed to answering all sorts of questions on all kinds of topics. When it comes to your divorce, expect plenty. Asking questions is how kids make sense of the world around them and how they learn. Mediation is a quicker and...