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2 myths about divorce mediation

Couples can go through a mediation process when discussing divorce. This can be a great way to work out their issues without having the court step in and decide matters for them, which may end up causing more daunting problems. Ultimately, mediation provides couples...

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Mediation can make co-parenting easier

Co-parenting can be difficult when you can't work together with your co-parent. If you constantly disagree on how to raise the children, you may have a hard time as parents, and the children are likely to suffer. Therefore, preserving good relations with your...

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Divorce does not have to be acrimonious

Emotions may run high during a divorce process. Separation may bring up resentment or anger between the parties involved, especially when it plays out in court. Should you and your partner wish to avoid the finger-pointing that comes with a divorce trial, you may want...

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How much will it cost to divorce in Massachusetts?

Divorce means a lot of major changes, including financial ones. It often takes people several years to fully bounce back from a divorce. Between the costs involved and the painful process of splitting their assets up with their ex, the financial fallout of divorce can...

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