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Helping Same-Sex Couples With Custody Concerns

Same-sex couples have made many strides toward getting the same rights given to those in more traditional families. Even in a state as progressive as Massachusetts, however, there are still significant differences that have the potential to cause serious problems for those in same-sex relationships.

At Reade Law Firm, PC, in Peabody, our experienced attorney has worked with many same-sex couples to identify and address important issues regarding child custody. Even if you and your spouse or partner have a strong and stable relationship, you should meet with a lawyer as soon as possible if you plan on starting to know exactly what you have to do to make this entire process easier for you.

Taking Action To Establish And Protect Your Parental Rights

Depending upon how you and your spouse decide to start your family, you may have several issues to address to have full protection of your parental rights. We cannot stress enough how important this is, because if your relationship ends or your spouse or partner passes away, you could have very few options to remain in your child’s life.

Matters that we can assist same-sex parents with include:

  • Taking the appropriate steps to ensure that your parental rights are retained if the relationship fails
  • Helping you with any adoption requirements necessary as a result of welcoming a child into your family
  • Discussing a child custody and parenting time plan to have in place should your marriage or relationship end
  • Representing you in custody disputes that arise when going through a divorce

We know how much your child means to you, and we will make sure that we do everything necessary to protect you from any potentially negative consequences that may result. We want you to feel comfortable that you will be part of your child’s life no matter what happens.

Want To Talk To Our Attorney About Your Case?

We will work with you to determine what needs to happen to achieve your custody goals. To schedule your consultation, please call our office at 978-767-4667 or send us an email.