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Creating Comprehensive Prenuptial Agreements

When you and spouse-to-be are making plans for marriage, you are probably focusing most of your attention on details like time, place and those you wish to invite to the ceremony. You might not think about what would happen to you and your property if your marriage does not work out. Most couples skip this part of the planning and leave themselves in a pretty difficult position when going through a divorce.

An experienced attorney can help make this important conversation much easier. At Reade Law Firm, PC, in Peabody, we can help you identify potential issues of concern and walk you through the options available to you to protect what is most important to you. Massachusetts has specific laws when it comes to the division of marital property, and you can make this entire process easier by planning ahead.

Do You Need A Prenuptial Agreement?

Some couples feel that they do not have the assets that would require them to need a prenup. While you and your spouse may be just starting out in life, you may have assets that you are unaware of when entering the marriage. Items that are frequently discussed during the drafting of a prenup include:

  • Who will get what property if the couple divorces
  • What happens to the marital home if owned prior to the marriage and what the other spouse would receive if he or she makes payments on that property
  • How the debts each spouse brought into the marriage will be handled
  • What retirement assets belong to each individual and the distribution of those benefits upon divorce
  • How business assets earned and accumulated during the marriage will be addressed during a divorce
  • How much support the wage-earning spouse may have to pay the other spouse after the marriage ends
  • How to protect a future inheritance

No matter how perfect your relationship seems, everything could change at any time. You want to be certain that if anything happens, you are protected from a difficult and costly court battle. Even if you and your spouse are going into your second marriage or you both have substantial assets, there is a significant value in taking the time to discuss your options before getting married.

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